What is involved?

Student mentors in the program do not need to have any prior knowledge of exercise prescription or delivery, or experience working with youth with disability. As a mentor, you will play a supportive role throughout the program and maintain a peer-to-peer relationship with your buddy. Think of the program as two friends meeting to complete a gym session together.

All student mentors will undertake a half-day training session prior to commencing the program. Ongoing support from the research team will be available to mentors throughout the 12 week exercise program.

The exercise sessions will be run at a community gym location that is geographically close to both yourself and your buddy. This will make it easier for you to organise and attend all exercise sessions.

Key requirements of student mentors during FitSkills include:

For a more detailed explanation of what is involved, please read the relevant participant information sheet here.

*  NOTE: student mentors can nominate to not be involved in the research process if they desire. In this circumstance, student mentors are not required to complete the questionnaire and interview, but can still participating in the gym sessions.