When will FitSkills start?

The timing of when the program starts will be decided at random but will start within the next 12 months. All mentors in this research study will participate in FitSkills at some point.


Who will my exercise partner be?

Participants will be young people living with disability within the community. Once we have finished the recruitment period we will match you with a young person who lives geographically close to you or the gym site you have nominated to attend.


Is there a cost?

No. The researchers will pay the cost of you going to the gym.


Where are the gym sites?

We will have gym sites in 8 locations around Melbourne, including: Hawthorn, Know, Ashburton, Macleod, Northcote, Brunswick, Footscray and Casey


Do I have to be an expert at exercise?

No, you don’t. Your job as a student mentor is to provide support to your exercise buddy in a peer to peer context. Think of the program as two friends meeting up to work out together! You will not be required to teach your buddy how to do the exercises or be responsible for writing the exercises. It is the job of the researchers to safely prescribe and instruct the exercise program.


How can I sign up?

You can use the ‘”Sign me up!” tab under the Mentors menu on the website, or contact Dr Claire Willis via phone (03 9479 2328).